Are You Ready for #GivingTuesday? 16 Giving Tuesday Ideas and Tips

Giving Tuesday, the global giving movement taking place in all 50 states and in countries around the world. It’s the day you’ll inspire new and existing donors to take collective action and to donate to your charity. Are You Ready for #GivingTuesday? We’re sharing our best 16 Giving Tuesday ideas and tips.

Hugely important, it is second to December 31 as the next critical giving day in the year. This year, it falls on December 3, so there’s not much time left to put your plan and initiatives in order.

Are you ready for #GivingTuesday?

Here are 16 Giving Tuesday ideas and tips for a fantastic campaign.

1. There are over 170 community campaigns being organized throughout the United States. If you are a small nonprofit, consider joining a community campaign–a geographic coalition of nonprofits working together on Giving Tuesday–or a single nonprofit that is rallying around a cause in a community-wide effort.

2. Start scheduling social media messages 3 or more times a week to talk about your campaign, letting donors know what Giving Tuesday donations will be used for.

3. Re-tweet or repost your best donor stories to energize your campaign.

4. Tag us, Write Choice Marketing, with your #givingtuesday announcements and we will share them on social to spread the word about your organization’s campaign.

5. Ask existing donors to rally their friends, utilizing Giving Tuesday to acquire new donors for your organization.

6. Create excitement with a YouTube video of your supporters talking about why they gave to your organization. Post it on social, on your website, and send it out to your donors in an email appeal.

7. Include a giving option for donors to contribute monthly and promote it on social, in email appeals, and on your website.

8. Create a unique donation page just for Giving Tuesday on your website. Consider including pop-ups on other pages across your site.

9. Send an email out a week before the campaign. Educate your donors about what Giving Tuesday is. Ask them to participate early and to donate now. Don’t ever be afraid to ask current donors for another gift. Giving Tuesday is a perfect opportunity to explain why you need ongoing support.

10. Rally corporate giving programs for donations and acquire a matching gift to promote during your Giving Tuesday campaign.

11. Partner with a local business to get their employees involved. Ask them to host an event, donate a product, or volunteer.

12. Send your donors, three days before Giving Tuesday, an email. Ask them to complete a fun quiz or a survey. Include a special Giving Tuesday donation page that pops up after they give their answers.

13. Send your donors another email the morning of Giving Tuesday, directly asking for a donation, emphasizing the deadline, and stressing your need for ongoing support. Consider adding a video of your supporters in action, rallying for your cause.

14. Mail thank-you acknowledgments to everyone who donated. Be sure to tweet and share thank you communications throughout your social campaign, directing specific messages to donors, volunteers, corporate partners, and the community.

15. After Giving Tuesday, share your success with everyone.

16. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #GivingTuesday on social media every time you’re talking about your campaign.

Now you’re just about ready for #GivingTuesday. These 16 Giving Tuesday Ideas and Tips are a start to a successful campaign. Reach out to our team anytime with specific questions. Remember to share any announcements with Write Choice Marketing so that we can help spread the word about your Giving Tuesday campaign!