Donation Forms that Increase Giving

Today I’d like to talk about Donation Forms that Increase Giving.

The donation form is the donor’s connection to your organization when making a contribution. It’s no secret that the response form should make it easy for donors to take action. But what exactly does that mean?

Here are a few tips listing what your donation form should include:

Personalized Information

  • Donor name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.
  • The donor ID number and mailing code identifying the specific package should always be included.
  • A variable gift ask array, oftentimes personalized based on the donor’s last gift.
  • Consider including the year during which the donor first donated, or the number of years in a row they have been a donor.

Wording such as “Supporter Since…” or “10 Year Donor” encourages donation consistency and loyalty.

  • Include the amount and date of the donor’s last gift with a very short thank you sentence about why another gift is needed.

Pre-Printed Information

  • Ask the donor to make corrections to their address if needed.
  • Give the donor the opportunity to add their email address or other information that you don’t have such as their phone number.  Include a sentence on the form which says: “My email address is______________.” Or, “My phone number is_______________.”
  • Make space for the donor to fill in their credit card information.
  • Give the organization’s phone number for phone donations, a website for web donations, and a mailing address should they want to donate by check.
  • Include a “Tax deductible” statement.
  • Always include your organization’s logo with the address, phone, and web address near it.

Call to Action

The call to action is your opporntitnity to invite the donor to make a contribution. Something such as “Donate Now to help neglected animals in your neighborhood,” and what I call a “yes” sentence which confirms their commitment to give and states how the gift will help. “Yes, I want to contribute to xyz organization to help neglected animals in my neighborhood.”

If your donation form is currently a buck slip and slides right into a #10 envelope, give consideration to doubling the size and folding it over in the envelope.  The extra space will allow you to:

  • Include an option for monthly giving.
  • Highlight a giving circle society.
  • Allow the donor to make a gift in memory of someone. This is a great addition during the holiday season.
  • Include employer match information.
  • Give an the donor the option to be contacted about planned giving.

The donation form can carry a wealth of information, allowing for ease of donation, options for how to donate, and opportunities for increased, and additional giving.

If you need help with your donation form or direct mail package, contact me. I’ll be glad to offer you a FREE 30-minute consultation. Email me, I’ll be glad to help.

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