Giving Tuesday Fundraising Strategies

Are you ready for Giving Tuesday?  

Giving Tuesday is the global giving movement taking place on November 30th in all 50 states and in countries around the world. It’s the day you’ll inspire new and existing donors to take collective action to donate to your charity.  Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with Giving Tuesday Strategies, including some great fundraising ideas.

16 Ideas and Tips for a Successful Campaign

The following 16 Giving Tuesday fundraising strategies will help your organization have a highly engaging and successful campaign.

1. Visit

Check out for social media graphics, logos, and downloadable toolkits.

2. Create a Website Donation Page

Create a unique donation page just for Giving Tuesday on your website asking people to give. Consider including pop-ups on other pages across your site. This increases your organization’s commitment to the #givingtuesday campaign.

3. Partner with Businesses

Partner with corporations and local businesses to get their employees involved. Ask them to donate a product or for volunteers. While you’re talking to corporations, inquire about a matching gift that you can promote during your Giving Tuesday campaign.

4. Mail Save the Date Postcards

Mail save the date postcards 10 days before #Givingtuesday. Let donors know what the campaign is about and why donations are needed.

5. Post Tangible Dollar Values

Seven days before the campaign send an email and post on your social media sites about Giving Tuesday. Ask for donations by providing tangible dollar values such as; $25 will feed a dog, $50 will provide veterinary care, etc. Specific dollar values and what those dollar values provide give strength to the campaign and credibility to your cause.  

Don’t ever be afraid to ask current donors for another gift. Giving Tuesday is a perfect opportunity to explain why you need ongoing support.

6. Send a Visual of Financial Goals

Six days before Giving Tuesday send donors an email and remind everyone on social media that Giving Tuesday is getting closer. Include a visual thermometer of your financial goal and how close you are to that goal. Continue informing people that Giving Tuesday is their chance to make a difference and what their donation will accomplish.

7. Email and Post on Social Media

Five days before Giving Tuesday, send another email as well as a social media post including a heartfelt image and reminding donors of the problem their donation will help solve.

8. Create a Visual Countdown

Four days before Giving Tuesday, create a visual countdown reminder on social media and in an email. Tell supporters how many days are left to Giving Tuesday and tell them a heartfelt story about a specific ongoing need. Be sure to ask them to give.

9. Engage with a Fun Quiz or Survey

Three days before Giving Tuesday deploy another email. Ask donors to complete a fun quiz or a survey. Include a special Giving Tuesday donation page that pops up after they give their answers.

10. Actively Communicate & Create Excitement

Energize your campaign by actively communicating on social media throughout the day by responding to comments and by asking others to share their stories about why they gave to your organization. Re-post and share these stories throughout the week.

11. Ask Followers for Help

Three days before Giving Tuesday post an appeal on your social sites asking people to rally their friends. Utilize Giving Tuesday as a tool to acquire new donors for your organization and for growing your database. Ask followers to share your posts with their family and friends. 

12. Create a UTube Video

Two days before #GivingTuesday post a video. It can help take your campaign to the next level. It’s not just a great storytelling device, it’s an ideal way to get engagement on social media when it’s essential for more of your followers to see your content. Create excitement with a UTube video of your supporters talking about why they gave to your organization. Post it on social, on your website, and send it out to your donors in an email appeal.

13. Provide Reminders

One day before Giving Tuesday, remind people that Giving Tuesday is tomorrow and for them not to forget to give! Include a giving option for donors to contribute monthly and promote it on social, in email appeals, and on your website. Continue to share emotional stories about those who were helped and about those who will benefit from ongoing support.

14. Send Another Three Rounds of Emails

On Giving Tuesday post three rounds of social media posts and emails.

On the morning of Giving Tuesday, directly ask for a donation, emphasize the deadline, and stress the need for ongoing support. Consider adding another video of your supporters in action, rallying for your cause.

In the afternoon of Giving Tuesday post and email an update on the progress of your campaign with a visual showing how much money has been raised. Continue showing various giving levels and what those levels accomplish. 

The third email should be a final post of the evening letting them know that time is running out. Continue showing the progress of the campaign and making a final pitch by sharing a story about a problem that was solved by those who have donated to your organization and why more donations are needed. By showing the progress and conveying a heartfelt need, it’ll help motivate those who have been undecided to give.

15. Tag Write Choice Marketing

Tag us, @WriteChoiceMarketing, with your #givingtuesday announcements and we will share them on social media to spread the word about your organization’s campaign.

16. Engage After Giving Tuesday

After Giving Tuesday be sure to share your success with everyone on social media, with all your email subscribers, and on your website. Thank donors, volunteers, and businesses who have shown their support. Be sure to mail thank-you acknowledgments also, to everyone who donated.

It’s more important than ever to find ways to engage with current donors and motivate new supporters to give. Don’t let the opportunity of participating in Giving Tuesday, a critical day of giving, pass you by. Utilizing all or some of the 16 Giving Tuesday fundraising strategies will help your organization create a highly engaged and successful campaign.

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