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Need more help generating awareness for your cause and increasing donations?

We can help you with:


  • Acquisition
  • Renewals
  • Monthly giving program
  • Planned & Major giving
  • Lapsed Reactivation
  • Acknowledgments
  • New Donor Welcome package
  • Email Appeals


Need help articulating what your organization does and how it’s different from other fundraisers or companies?

We write and produce:


  • Newsletters
  • Annual Reports
  • Brochures


Need help generating more awareness for your organization or company?

We will craft:


  • Articles promoting your company
  • Blog posts for the tourism industry
  • Social Media Posts



Annual Reports

By utilizing compelling copywriting techniques and responsive design elements, this annual report proved to be a hit with donors, the board of directors, and the executive staff.

Direct mail copywriting and package design

An appealing and heartfelt package design, along with an emotionally conveyed donor-centric letter, produced strong results and a high average gift.

Blog Posts

Stunning photos and compelling blog copy shared on several social media sites, increased visibility, and bookings for the fall and winter seasons for the Hix Island House, a high-end hotel in Puerto Rico.

Renewal Appeals

Donor-centric storytelling and a compelling package design increased response for this nonprofit. This highly personalized proud supporter package included a personalized membership card, a variable gift ask in the letter, and in the copy, presented a need and a problem that the donor could solve.

Major and High-Level Giving

Major and high-level donors require targeted communications and fundraising efforts such as the package shown above.

Website Copy

Website copy, written for a tour company, conveyed the right amount of excitement and intrigue needed to attract customers and increase bookings.

New Donor Welcome Appeals

This new donor welcome package was highly donor-centric and included a newsletter, an opportunity to donate monthly, and a heartfelt thank-you acknowledgment.


Our newsletters are highly donor-centric and show how donations result in positive outcomes. Being specific about a problem and how the donor’s gift helped solve the problem, is the key to donor responsive newsletters.

Planned and Major Giving

Every planned giving program needs a targeted newsletter, such as the one above, to increase stewardship for long-term commitment.

Matching Gifts

This donor responsive matching gift package resulted in an increased response rate and a higher average gift.

Lapsed Re-activation

This package re-engaged unresponsive donors by utilizing compelling donor-centric copy, a clear call to action, and a small note card premium.

Direct Mail Acquisition

Acquisition appeals, such as this one, are successful with the right ingredients; showing a clear need, informing the donor how their gift will help, and providing a way for the donor to be the hero.


Acknowledgments are critical to any organization’s success in maintaining donors for the long-term. We design acknowledgment packages for you to use all year-long for cost efficiencies, but the copy will change monthly allowing your donors to always get a unique thank you message.

Email Appeals and Email Marketing & Communications

This email proved to be an effective fundraising vehicle because of the donor-centric copy and a strong call to action.

Social Media

Instagram and Facebook posts provide increased visibility and allow customers to connect with your business or organization. We will provide content and a schedule for maximum exposure.


Each time we write copy, whether it be a fundraising letter or a tourism industry appeal we make thee reader a part of the story. It’s the secret to having them take action.

Responsive Donation Forms

A donation form, like this one, is highly effective because it shows various gift amounts and the solution each gift provides.


Oftentimes, when cost-effective, premiums are an effective fundraising tool when used in direct mail.

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