Valentine’s Day Fundraising Ideas & Strategies

Valentine’s Day is the one holiday that is rarely highlighted in direct mail campaigns, and it just recently started to become popular in the social media arena for fundraisers, which is why we want to share with you our Valentine’s Day fundraising ideas & strategies to inspire your donors to give this Valentine’s Day

In order to implement a Valentine’s Day campaign, you need a plan, and today, we’re sharing a roundup of our most successful campaign ideas for Valentine’s Day.   

How to start a fundraising Valentine’s Day campaign?

First, Develop a Valentine’s Day Message

Create a branded Valentine’s Day message or slogan that will be used on all campaigns whether it be on social, in emails, on your website, or in direct mail.

It could be something as simple and memorable as “be my valentine,” “give the gift of love,” or something related to your cause with a Valentine’s Day theme.

Second, Create a Branded Valentine’s Day Hashtag

Include a branded hashtag and ask others to “share their love,” by utilizing photos related to your cause or by asking them to write messages of inspiration.

Whether it be the love they feel for the animals you save, the veterans you support, or the children you empower, asking people to share their messages of love in honor of someone, or including words of encouragement with a branded hashtag, are excellent ways for your donors to connect with and spread the word about your organization.

This allows others to make a personal connection with your organization and with the people you help.

Third, Design a Branded Valentine’s Day Graphic

Create a branded graphic for Valentine’s Day for people to upload to their profile photo on social media. Use it on your website’s homepage too. On the back end, consider posting a “We love our donors” message with a Valentine’s Day graphic.

Be sure when using the graphic, to ask donors to “show their love” by making a donation this Valentine’s Day.

Fundraising Tip: Include a DONATE NOW button on all your social, email, and website campaigns

Once you have a graphic created and a message written, it’s time to create an email campaign and a direct mail appeal.

How to raise money on Valentine’s Day

4-Step Email Campaign

Fundraising or advocacy Valentine’s Day email campaigns should have a minimum of 4 emails:

1. Create a Launch Email  

This first email is where you inform and show donors what your campaign is about. It is also where you begin including your branded campaign message, graphic, and hashtag. You can do this with a video or through well-written copy.

2. Implement an E-Card Email  

In the second email you can consider offering premium e-cards. Ask senders to celebrate someone they love by offering them a small selection of Valentine’s e-cards.

A branded Valentine’s Day card that people can email or message to friends and loved ones will raise awareness for your cause. Each card should feature a photo or drawing related to your organization; puppies & kittens for animal rescue organizations, a card with a hand-drawn valentines message from a child for children’s appeals, or a patriotic heart for veteran’s groups.

With every Valentine’s Day card sent, your donors will be sharing their commitment to helping others and spreading the word about the good work performed by your organization. Be sure to include a suggested donation amount, allowing donors to make a contribution for each card that is sent.  

3. Launch an Inspirational Email 

Let everyone know that your campaign is coming to a close, who they have helped, what has been accomplished with their help, and why they are important, always keeping in mind that the donor is the “hero,” not your organization.

4. Send a Thank You Email 

 Be sure to thank each and every donor who made a contribution, shared a post, or sent a card. Let them know how special they are.
Here are a few more tips for your email campaigns. They can be utilized in your Valentine’s

Day appeals as well as your email campaigns throughout the year.

Direct Mail Appeal

Donors love greeting cards and sending them a Valentine’s Day card in a direct mail package, that they can in turn mail to someone they love, can make a big impact. Small premiums have been shown to increase results in direct mail appeals. Brand the card with your organization’s information on the back, include a heartfelt appeal letter, and always ask for a donation. 

Matching Gift

If you can secure a matching gift for this campaign, by all means, include it in your social media, email, and direct mail efforts. Valentine’s Day campaigns are ideal opportunities for engaging donors with matching gifts. They will increase results on all fronts. Be sure to tie it in with your branded logo and message.

Monthly Gift Program

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to promote your monthly sponsorship program. Oftentimes a buck slip highlighting a monthly sponsorship option in a direct mail appeal, a targeted email, or a special Valentine’s Day landing page on your website can attract those monthly donors that you’re not able to reach at other times of the year. 

It’s important to take the time now and make Valentine’s Day a special day of giving for your organization. If time restraints prevent you from coming up with a thought-out campaign, email me at Write Choice Marketing and we can discuss ways to make this happen.

Whatever you decide, get people to share their love this Valentine’s Day and inspire donors to give to your organization