10 Tips to Improve Your Fundraising Efforts, Using Email

This month I want to talk about 10 Tips to Improve Your Fundraising Efforts Using Email. 

These tips can be easily implemented across multiple channels, helping your organization effectively reach its donors. I see many nonprofits struggling to improve their email fundraising efforts because they are unable to get their marketing strategy into high gear. Today, you’ll find creative solutions to your organization’s challenges.

1. Send messaging that creates an emotional connection with your donor

People want to help, it’s in their nature, but they need to know HOW they’re going to help first. Giving donors a solution to a problem they can solve will help them connect to your cause. Painting a picture by sharing why donations are needed and conveying a success story will inspire them to give again. It’s important to engage them with real-life experiences and know what motivates them to keep giving.

2. Send a welcome email

Thank a new donor for contributing within 48 hours. Include a piece of information about your organization they might not know. Include a link to your donation page in case they want to give again and link to your website to provide additional information about your cause.

3. Segment your list

Segment your donor list by current and lapsed donors. Send frequent messages to your core email donors and less frequent emails to your lapsed donors. Use copy to speak directly to your core donors that identify them as “Loyal Supporters.” Test targeting lapsed donors by trying to get them to give again by including the date and the amount of their last gift.

4. Survey your audience

Market research is a great way to gather information to better understand your audience and the types of communications they want to receive.

Ask your potential donors how often they would like to hear from you. Knowing how many times you can email a donor is important. Too many emails, you’ll scare them away. Too few emails, they’ll donate to another organization instead of yours. It usually depends on the message you’re sending but once you segment your list, you’ll have a better idea of when and how to communicate with them.

5. Use fonts and formats that are legible

Sending an email with poor formatting or an odd font will disengage a potential donor. Using a clear, simple format and font seem pretty obvious, but overlooking these small details may derail your results. Nothing is worse than reading an email you can’t see!

6. Include a donation link and “WHY DONATE” tab in all outreach 

Again, make it easy for them! It’s important to have a special landing page when they can click “donate now” or “give today” which states exactly why they should donate to your cause and where their money is going. It’s always good to reinforce their desire to give.

7. Know your donors’ preferred method of payment

Millennials may want to donate using their credit card on mobile while seniors may want to donate by check. Know your audience and how they want to give to your organization. Give them the option to support your organization using the method they’re the most comfortable with.

8. Use short, easy-to-skim paragraphs

Maintaining your donor’s attention is vital. Write emails that are easy to process and understand so you don’t create any confusion.

9. Be YOU! People can feel the energy you’re putting out

Personality, transparency, and openness go a long way. The energy of your emails is easily transferable to the reader. You want to make sure you’re being honest about what you want to accomplish, and why.

10. Test and measure your mailing strategy consistently

Analyze your email open rates and conversion rates regularly to better understand what’s working and not working. It’s important to test on a continuing basis to avoid falling short in the future.

We know you’re busy, and we know your potential donors are busy. Let us help you connect with your donors by writing inspiring email appeal copy and developing an effective email marketing strategy. An online presence that motivates and informs will keep your donors engaged and foster growth at every level.

Please connect with me, either by phone or email, and let’s see what we can do together.

Sandy Ruyack
President, Write Choice Marketing
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