8 Tips to Maximize Your Year-End Direct Mail Campaign

Studies show that people give more to charities at the end of the year. 8 Tips to Maximize Your Year-End Direct Mail Campaign will provide you with the tools you need to create an effective and successful year-end campaign.

The spirit of generosity, thoughts of tax deductions, and a strong desire to help others during the holidays are the main motivating factors.

If you’re not taking advantage of mailing to your donors in December, now is the time to start. If you already scheduled your annual year-end fundraising push, but want to step up your results, here are eight tips you can easily implement and test, to maximize the potential of your year-end fundraising campaign.

Ask at Year-End

1. Specifically, ask for a year-end gift. Use wording such as; “Your 2017 Year-End Support is Needed” on the outside envelope and the letter copy, and “My Year-End Gift is Enclosed” on the donation form makes the ask clear and concise.


2. Consider testing a small premium such as a greeting card, notepad, or bookmark.

Include Graphics

3. Add holiday design elements to the package or consider a different colored outside envelope or ink color,

Utilize Personalization

4. Personalize the letter. A personalized salutation generally generates better results than a “Dear Friend” letter.

Thank and Thank Again a Year-End

5. Thank the donor for their past support. Tell a heartwarming success story about someone helped by your organization. Include a few highlights of your organization’s accomplishments from the past year, making sure you recognize the donor in those successes.

Use Live Stamps

6. If you use an indicia, test a live stamp on the outside envelope and the reply envelope.


7. Mention the tax deductible advantage of giving at year end.

Coordinate Email

8. Coordinate the direct mail effort with an email series. Studies have shown that a coordinated email supporting the direct mail appeal increases results.

The end of the year is inevitably busy with the holiday rush and other year-end tasks to complete. The idea of fitting in one more fundraising campaign may feel too overwhelming to squeeze in.

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